Sizing Chart

All measurements on the sizing chart is provided in INCHES.**Do not assume that if you take a particular size in one brand of garment that you will take the exact same size in another brand.**

BUST/CHEST: Measure the bust/chest over the fullest part, making sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. Bra size is not the same as a bust measurement.


WAIST: To locate you natural waist, bend to the side and find where your body creases. Measure around the body at this point, making sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor.


HIPS:Measure over the fullest part of the hips, making sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor.


DRESS LENGTH: Measure from garments high point of shoulder to hem (where dress will stop). The chart shows only Short dress lengths. If you are ordering a long dress please include measurements or height in "Add Special Instructions" Box during checkout or email us. 5 inches are added to all dress lengths. 


ADDITIONAL MEASUREMENTS (Catsuit/Jumpsuits/Leggings etc) This would be needed if you are taller than average, have long legs/arms/torso

TORSO GIRTH: Girth is the vertical measurement of the circumference of your torso. Start by placing a flexible dressmaker's tape measure at the top of the shoulder, drape it down the front of the body (over the breasts, not between them if you are a woman), go between the legs at the crotch, up the back of the body to the exact same place on the top of the shoulder. This makes a continuous loop around the torso. This measurement is especially important to any one piece garment such as a leotard, unitard, or catsuit


SLEEVE INSEAM: Sew Arrogant standard sleeve length is 21 inchesYou can add your measurement in the "Add Special Instructions" at checkout. Measure over a shirt with sleeves.Place one end of the tape measure under the arm at the point where the seam is, then place the tape along the inside under arm seam down the inside seam to the point where the customer wants the sleeve to hit the hand.


INSEAM LEG LENGTH:  Sew arrogant standard leg length is 35 inches. You can add your measurement in the "Add Special Instructions" at checkout. Inseam length is helpful when determining sizing for pants. This measurement is most accurate when measured by another person, as when the body is measured must be standing straight with the legs together with feet about 1’ apart. Place the tape measure at the high point of the inner leg at crotch and measure down to the floor keeping the tape measure straight along the inner leg.

Additional Measurements:

Neck Width: Measure around the neck

Arm Width: Measure fullest part of arm

Wrist: Measure around wrist

Shoulder to Nipple: Measure from high shoulder down to nipple

Armpit to Side waist: Measure from armpit, keeping tape along your side down to waist crease.

Waist to Side Knee: Measure from waist crease, keeping tape along your side, pass your hips stop at the side level of your knee.

NOTE: All measurements need to be taken against the skin or over undergarments.