Prom Dress Raffle Giveaway

Prom Dress Raffle Giveaway

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Prom Dress Raffle Contest

The raffle is for a custom prom dress made and styled by the designer of Sew Arrogant.


No other designer's work will be duplicated. " Inspirational dresses are ok, but the design will not be alike." Only similar. 

If you want to go viral let's create a look that stands out or isn't made by no other.  

The dress value must be within the $750 budget, including material and labor.

If you would like a dress that's value greater than $750 you can use the $750 credit toward the dress you want. 

Depending on the volume of participants there may be three hand-picked raffles. "Three winners" The prize will be announced at the end of the raffle

The first-place winner will win $750 towards a custom dress made by Sew Arrogant.

The raffle ends November 25th.

Shipping cost isn't included. 

Consultations aren't included.

The winner must book a consultation.

The winner will be announced on Instagram. @sew_arrogant

The winner will be contacted by email or phone. 

when purchasing your tickets please enter your correct information. 

If you do not win there will not be a refund by making this purchase you agree to no refunds.